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Esse Pi s.r.l. has a rich history. With it's beninnings as a small leather workshop in the Esquilino district in Rome it eventually evolved into a wholesaler for leather goods and accessories, firstly not too far, as Young and then in the wholesale centre Commercity embracing its city as Young Roma. With more than fifty years of experience in the market Esse Pi boasts a deep undertanding of its products that starts from the materials to the practical uses and inside knowledge all the way to the optimal quality and price balances the retailer is searching for.

B2B Accessories


Our company deals with products on the mid price range, varying from mid-low to mid-high. We sell accessories such as: bags, wallets, belts, scarves and luggages. Our compilation of bags offes a wide range in terms of both styles and prices, going from the classy made in Italy leather bags to the trendy economic impoted bags, often seasonal. All of our belts are in leather, made in italy and presents the quality and elegance such manifacture presents.

Accessories for Men
Bags for women

We offer wallets for every necessity, from people who only need a credit card holder, to those that want to put everything in their wallets, coins, banknotes, credit cards, IDs. Every product is branded, linings are customized, wallets, belts and scarves with provided with gift boxes, and the quality is guaranteed.


It's our belief that the best way to make a business transaction for both parties is still and will always be between people. For this reason the relationship with our customer we strive to establish is professional, but not cold. Thus we promise that to us, you will never be some numbers, but a human being to respect as such, we hope you can reciprocate.

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